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Amplid Pentaquark

Zdjęcie Amplid Pentaquark
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The Pentaquark exists for seekers of the highest echelon of on-edge performance. Its carvingpotency derives from its deceptively long effectiveedge, a deep energized camber and its advanced construction.Approaching terminal velocity, you’ll be thankful for Antiphase, a proprietary Amplid tech, that keeps the Pentaquark civilised and precise. Once mastered, unleashing the Pentaquark on freshly groomed corduroy is a euphoric experience, but taming this wild stallion is not for the fainthearted.

Product Details

Marka: Amplid
Kategoria: Deski snowboardowe
EAN: 4250492912305
Kolory: All Eyez
Rozmiar: 158
Płeć: unisex


Amplid Pentaquark