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Amplid Stereo

Zdjęcie Amplid Stereo
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A heap of fun for goofing about on, the Stereo’s supple torsional flex and cranky sidecut radius add real charisma to this park-to-pow cruiser. Spiced-up with a lick of carbon and a modest, easy-flexing camber, its skate-like snap will pop onto or over anything. Blunt, early-rising tips add real pow-shredding prowess to the Stereo’s repertoire. A true-twin for freestyle riders hunting for their next lip or transition to get airborne from, manicured or natural, in or outside of boundary ropes.

Product Details

Marka: Amplid
Kategoria: Deski snowboardowe
EAN: 4250492912510
Kolory: All Eyez
Rozmiar: 152
Płeć: unisex


Amplid Stereo