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Amplid Unw8

Zdjęcie Amplid Unw8
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Fine-tuned and tinkered-with for more than a decade, the UNW8 is Amplid’s all-mountain flagship. Demanding to ride, but intensely rewarding, the UNW8 will take aggressive, expert snowboarders to the next level and beyond. Weightless HEXO2 honeycomb construction gives the UNW8 fighter-jet-like handling. Antiphase, Amplid’s ruthlessly-efficient damping tech, smooths out the ride like you’re flying with Air Force One.For the carve-crazy, its full-length Pop Camber will keep the contact points engaged and the UNW8 gripping, no-matter how slick the groomers get… at least until your thighs explode from the strain. And it’s unlikely you’ll forget the intoxicating acceleration of its Sintered 7HD base. Once mastered, nothing compares to the all-mountain dominance of the UNW8!

Product Details

Marka: Amplid
Kategoria: Deski snowboardowe
EAN: 4250492912459
Kolory: All Eyez
Rozmiar: 156
Płeć: unisex


Amplid Unw8